Duckhams celebrates 125 years of winning

The original British motor oil, Duckhams, celebrates its remarkable 125th anniversary in 2024. Founded in 1899 by the visionary Alexander Duckham, his enduring legacy, marked by a relentless winning spirit, has captivated engineers and enthusiasts for 125 years. Deeply rooted in the pioneering spirit of its founder, Duckhams exemplifies British ingenuity on a global scale—a legacy that continues to guide the brand today.


Duckhams has been inseparable from the very essence of engine oil throughout the 20th century. Breaking boundaries in the skies and on the ground, in 1909, Alexander Duckham achieved the first powered cross-Channel flight alongside Louis Blériot. In 1949, Duckhams powered Goldie Gardner’s MG to break the world land speed record.

In 1933, Duckhams introduced the industry’s first Synchromesh Gearbox oil, and in 1951, Duckhams launched the first multi-grade oil—the iconic green Q 20W-50, which transformed lubrication technology.

From conquering the British Motorcycle Championship in 1955 to recent triumphs at the OR BRIC Superbikes Championship in Thailand and the Porsche Carrera Cup Great Britain in 2023, Duckhams continues to earn accolades in motorsports, showcasing the pioneering spirit that defines the brand.

Duckhams’ new Global CEO, Mike Bewsey, said, “As we celebrate our illustrious history, our commitment to advancing our groundbreaking legacy remains unwavering. Since the brand’s successful relaunch in 2018, Duckhams has received strong support from distributors and partners across the UK and developed its global network, with products now available in twenty-seven countries across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Together with our partners, we’ll continue to lead with innovation and victories for the next 125 years.”

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